Some people think I'm gay, which I think it's awesome’

Everybody’s like, ‘How can you remain with a level head?’ And I’m like, ‘Why would I ever get cocky? I’m not saving anybody’s life. There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I’m making movies. It’s stupid.


Ben at TIFF on September 5 (x)

“Todos sonham. Poucos acreditam. E quase ninguém corre atrás.” — Renato Russo  (via caderno-da-morte-death-note)

I understand. It’s a compulsion. But it’s also what makes you a great detective. That obsession with detail, that forensic mind. I don’t have it. I have local knowledge, street smarts. I have hunches and 99 percent of them turn out to be wrong. But you have real insight. It’s not a disability, it’s a gift.


I have always admired the brand’s unique and distinctive appreciation for inner beauty and grace, elegance and utter radiance. I feel incredibly lucky to be included among the most inspirational women ambassadresses for one of the most prestigious brands in the world. It’s truly a dream come true